What Does CBD Do?

If you are new to CBD, you are likely to have many questions about what the compound is and what it does. Odds are good that you have seen other people using it or heard others race about how effective it can be. While a wide array of research is still pending, a huge amount of studies have been conducted and have shown that CBD may have the ability to address many ills.

Here’s a quick examination of just how CBD works and what it may be able to do for you. 

What does CBD do for your body?

CBD’s impact is felt because of the way it alters the functioning of your Endocannabinoid System. The body’s Endocannabinoid System was first discovered by researchers in the 1990s. It works to keep your body in a state of homeostasis – at least one paper has referred to it as the body’s “universal regulator.” This means that it strives to keep a variety of systems and sensations – like pain, temperature, stress, fatigue, and more – within a certain set parameter.

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