Vegan Hemp Heart Spinach Dip Recipe

Hot and cheesy spinach goodness….but it’s all 100% vegan! Spinach dip is a favorite for many,  but when ordering out at restaurants, these dips can often land you in up to 1600 calories and 100 grams of fat. This recipe takes healthy spinach dip to the next level, with vegan mozzarella, vegan Greek yogurt, hemp hearts and vegan cream cheese. Read on for your new favorite dip – perfect for parties or gatherings! 

Now that sports are back on TV at least, it’s time for some game time food and favorites, with a heart-healthy twist. Hemp hearts are known for their high amino-acid content as well as being a great source or protein and fiber. Hemp hearts even have the ability to aid in heart-health and lower cholesterol levels. When paired with vegan cheese and yogurt, this recipe is perfect for enjoying without calorie counting or a worry you might make it a “cheat day.” 

This dip is easily stored and can be frozen for a quick appetizer or meal down the year. You can also double or triple the recipe as needed. Grab some crackers, chips or crudites and dive in!

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