Vegan Hemp Cornbread Recipe

Comfort food – but make it vegan! There is something to be said about a delicious bit of cornbread accompanying a bowl of chili or soup. As the cooler months quickly approach, this vegan cornbread recipe will be your go-to addition for comfort food nights from the crockpot.

Our tasty take on cornbread comes with a side of health. Made completely animal product free, with hemp hearts, flax seeds, oat milk and agave syrup, this cornbread carries the right amount of savory and sweet. We crafted our own “buttermilk” to add to the mix, giving an extra tip of the hat to the southern comfort food favorite. Hemp hearts and flax seeds provide a high amount of plant-based protein while awarding their heart-healthy amino acids and vitamins to the batter. Cooked in a skillet pan, this cornbread has a beautiful golden color to match the flavor within. 

If you are looking for the perfect vegan cornbread recipe to serve up with that pot of chili on the stove, you have found your match! Read on for our simple yet delicious vegan hemp cornbread. 

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