Gluten-free Banana Oatmeal Hemp Heart Cookies Recipe

A cookie recipe everyone can love! Gluten-free, vegan and packed with heart-healthy hemp hearts, oatmeal and ground flax, this recipe takes heathy cookies to the next level. Read on for this delicious take on dessert. Or breakfast, no one is tattling here.

In this recipe we combine mashed ripe bananas, old fashioned oats, gluten-free flour and hemp hearts to make a cookie that does more than just taste good. These tasty treats are loaded with antioxidants, vital amino acids, healthy fats and protein. Hemp hearts and flax are a great source of fiber and are cholesterol friendly helping in the battle against heart disease. With the healthy side of this gluten free cookie recipe, the flavors are just as good as the ingredients. With cinnamon, ground cloves and nutmeg, this is one oatmeal cookie everyone will want two. 

Now let’s get to baking! 

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