Dr. Igor’s Very Berry Superfood Overnight Oatmeal Bowl Recipe

Freeze Dried Blueberry, Flaxseed, Hemp Heart, Chia Seed & Overnight Oatmeal Bowl topped with Shredded Coconut, Almonds, Cacao Nibs, Berries, Sprouted Sunflower Seeds & an Almond Butter Sauce

Dr. Igor’s Very Berry Superfood Overnight Oatmeal Bowl Recipe

The best way to start your morning is with this fully loaded overnight oatmeal bowl packed with all kinds of nuts, fruits and superfoods, that can be prepared in advance. This nutrient dense breakfast bowl will keep you satiated and bursting with energy all day and into the afternoon. The abundance of fiber rich complex carbohydrates will hold you over for those work days that you’re so busy you forget when to eat!

Pulverized freeze dried blueberries are folded into healthy grains with plant-based Greek yogurt and marinated for up to 24 hours, lending the oats a concentrated blueberry flavor and deep purple color rich in anthocyanin, a flavonoid responsible for giving certain colorful foods their nutritional and medicinal properties. Top this base with anything your tastebuds crave and drizzle a generous amount of my easy to prepare almond butter sauce!

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