Dr. Igor’s Veggie Focaccia Pizza with Red Hemp Pesto Recipe


Total: 2 hours & 30+ minutes

Rising Time: 100-120 minutes

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Makes: 8 slices

Allergens: tree nuts, wheat

This health conscious pan-baked pizza utilizes whole wheat flour and ground flaxseed in the yeast risen focaccia dough for added nutrients and dietary fiber. Omega-3 rich hemp hearts are combined with roasted red peppers and sundried tomatoes for a quick and delicious home-made pizza sauce seasoned with garlic and herbs. 

Top it all off with your choice of mixed olives, bell peppers and vegan cheese, and you have yourself a delicious plant-based pizza that anyone can enjoy!

Make your own pizza at home with this easy to follow focaccia pizza recipe! 

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