Dr. Igor’s Pineapple Basil Cold Steeped Tea Recipe

Dr. Igor's Pineapple Basil Cold Steeped Tea Recipe

Have you heard of cold brew coffee? Well, cold steeped tea is an equivalent that you can make easily customizable at home. Cold steeped tea (cold brew tea) is a method very similar to making a tradition cup of tea, but with the water heating process removed. Cold steeped tea is often confused with iced tea, but the two are different though equally refreshing. Cold steeping tea gives a light-bodied flavor and is incredibly easy to make, with just about any variation of flavor a possibility. Cold steeped teas can be made in as little as two hours, or if you prefer a bolder flavor, up to 12.  Homemade teas take the health aspect to the next level – try Dr. Igor’s Cold Steeped Pineapple and Basil Tea. A refreshing and hydrating healthy elixir.

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