Dr. Igor’s Hempy King Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are always clad on the fancy restaurant’s appetizer menu. But how about making them from home? And adding some health to it? We think yes! Read on for our take on crab cakes that you and your tastebuds won’t want to miss. 

These tasty king crab cakes combine fresh crab meat with eggs, herbs, panko breadcrumbs and hemp hearts – for a delicious yet healthy take on a seafood favorite. Perfectly pan-fried to perfection, this is one crab cake recipe that won’t crush your calorie count or spike your cholesterol. Hemp hearts are known for their rich amino acid content, providing essential minerals and vitamins that aid in both heart-health and protein consumption. Hemp hearts also add a beautiful subtle nutty flavor to this recipe while upping the crisp factor of these cakes when fried. Now, let’s get to cooking! Hello new favorite crab cakes, Red Lobster has nothing on you. 

Dr. Igor’s Hempy King Crab Cakes

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