Does CBD Give You A Body High?

CBD has become exceptionally popular during the past two years or so – indeed, it seems as if you can’t avoid it. This popularity is backed up by both survey data and financial projections. On one hand, despite being legal for less than two years, about 33% of all Americans have actually tried CBD. At the same time, varying financial estimates have found that the CBD market is exploding, with one estimate finding that the market will more than double every year for the next two years. 

CBD’s popularity is clear, but so is some of the confusion around the compound. Many people don’t fully understand what it is or how it works, and some try using CBD under the impression that it will result in some sort of intoxication or high. Indeed, the general ignorance and confusion over CBD has led to some widespread confusion. Contrary to a belief held by some, CBD does not give you a body high. Indeed, it doesn’t give you any high at all.

The misnomer about CBD’s ability to intoxicate comes from its vague relation to marijuana. CBD itself comes from the hemp plant, which is known to contain trace amounts of THC. THC is likely the best-known cannabinoid. It is short for tetrahydrocannabinol, and this is the part of marijuana that binds with your own cannabinoid receptors, resulting in the pleasant, “high” feelings that you experience when using marijuana. 

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