Coffee Plus CBD: The Perfect Way to Perk Up Your Morning Routine?


Many people turn to coffee as a start to their daily morning routine, but coffee can have some unpleasant side effects from caffeine. For some people, their relationship with coffee can be a bit of a complicated one of love and hate. But breaking up with your go-to morning pick-me-up isn’t necessary, and we have CBD to thank for that!

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of many compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants. As our knowledge surrounding CBD and its potential therapeutic benefits grow, so does the number of ways we know to consume it. Since the 2018 Farm Bill passed, allowing for hemp to be cultivated in the US if the threshold of THC is under 0.3% has increased the market and made CBD flourish.

CBD oils and tinctures, gummies and edibles, lotions, and creams – are all common methods of consumption or application. One unique way to take your dose of CBD that is gaining popularity is through CBD-infused coffee. A new twist on an old favorite, one that could solve the rocky relationship between wanting coffee and not too much caffeine.

Coffee plus CBD

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